The Venture Internship Project

We believe in the urgency of the Kingdom of God and that lack of vision is keeping the Church from being what Christ has called it to be.  We believe there is a generation willing to make a change and we desire to prepare young leaders to step up to the challenge of committing their lives to something greater than themselves.

And so, TTW begins its venture of developing and equipping men and women who will make a great impact within the Kingdom of God, by applying their natural talents and areas of study in the realm of missions.

The Venture Project is a highly intense and intentional internship program for those seeking to engage in a missional lifestyle while serving on the foreign mission field.  The program focuses on developing personal leadership, character and spiritual depth in an international context.

The Venture Project is meant to expose you to an understanding of long-term missions through a hands-on approach to ministry.  You will be surrounded by the vulnerable, oppressed, and orphaned who will test your true character and life calling as you seek to stretch your body, mind and soul.

Join us in this exciting journey as we seek to live out God’s Word and mold ourselves into the being He created us to be.

Purposes & Objectives of The Venture Program:

  • To develop into people of character for a lifetime of service & ministry for the Kingdom of God
  • To develop a missional mindset – not only on the global level but in our everyday lives
  • To develop a deeper concept of missions in the context of the Majority World
  • To develop and identify both personal strengths and areas of needed growth
  • And to develop a greater sense of God’s calling for your life

In order to achieve these goals, Interns will serve a minimum of 10 weeks with TTW’s Global base in Uganda, Africa working alongside Dream Center.

All interns must be at least 18 years of age and must raise 100% of their financial support.

Please contact Andrea Kroeze for more details on current internship opportunities and for application information.