Automatic Contributions

Dream Center Uganda (through Touch The World) is pleased to offer an automatic contribution transfer option which can electronically transfer money from your checking or savings account to TTW each month. If you choose to use this service, you will need to authorize TTW to instruct your bank to release funds once a month. This will electronically deduct these funds from your account and apply them to where you designate — individual missionaries, projects, or Dream Center’s general fund. This transfer will appear on your monthly bank statement, and you will receive an annual receipt from TTW for tax purposes. You may discontinue this program at any time.

Benefits of an Automatic Contribution Transfer Program:

Saves money - You save money on postage, checks, and envelopes since your gift is transferred automatically. It also saves administrative costs for us!

Saves time - You don’t have to write a monthly check or look for a stamp. There are no postal delays. You don’t have to remember to make your contribution because it is automatic!

Easy to begin or end - To begin, simply print and complete the application form and send it (with a voided check or savings deposit slip) to:

Touch The World
1 Maple Street
Allendale, NJ  07401

You can withdraw from the program or change the amount of your donation or designation at any time by giving us advance notice.

How do I get involved in TTW’s Automatic Contribution Transfer Program?

Step 1:  Download and fill in the application form, including the amount and designation of your contribution.

If you cannot access the document, download Adobe Acobat Reader to read PDF files.

Step 2:  For checking or savings account options enclose a blank voided check or savings deposit slip. This contains the banking information needed.

Step 3:  Read the entire form and sign according to the signatures on that account. (i.e. Joint Account, etc.)

Step 4:  You may email a scanned copy of the completed form along with a scanned voided check to

You may also return by mail or include with your next donation.

If by mail, please send to:

Touch The World
1 Maple Street
Allendale, NJ  07401

Step 5:  Continue to send your donations until you receive a confirmation from TTW noting the date your first automatic contribution will be deducted from your bank account. For information or questions, call toll free 1-888 -281-4887 or 201-760-9925, Ext. 24.