DOUBLE YOUR DOLLAR – Build an Office in Adak

I (Jesse Kroeze, Country Director) keep telling our staff that God’s vision transcends any one leader and that I believe even greater things will happen in the future. But while this is true, there is a natural concern and unease about what it will look like. The beauty of our transition situation is that I will be stepping into a role in TTW where I will still oversee our Uganda branch and
will even continue to travel back to Uganda with frequency in order to ensure long-term sustainability of this ministry that so many have invested their support and lives into.

As we’ve established the ministry in Adak over the years, we’ve continued our office operations from town (about 14 miles away) mainly due to the fact that there is no power in Adak. This has worked very well for the past few years but with our transition back to NJ, our leadership team on the ground here has decided that it is imperative to build an office in Adak in order to consolidate all our operations. This move will yield many benefits including an increase in team unity, lower overhead costs, centralized operations, and presence of all team members within the community.

Our goal is to build this office THIS SUMMER so that all operations can be established and settled prior to our move back to NJ. The cost of the building will be $25,000 which includes 3 offices, a conference room and most imperatively, solar power. We have three donors that have generously put together $12,500 for a matching fund. This means that we need to raise another $12,500…so…DOUBLE YOUR DOLLAR with our campaign to build an office! Leverage your money to make a difference in Adak and in the sustainability of Dream Center into the future. We need 125 donors to give just $100 each. Matched, your $100 is
really a $200 gift. Will you join us?