What We Do

DCU is partnering with the Adak community of Gulu, northern Uganda to develop their God-given potential, releasing them from the poverty that has trapped their families for more than 20 years.

We focus on the following intervention areas in an integrated development approach that enables communities to realize better standards of living through:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Education
  3. Discipleship
  4. Business Enterprise
  5. Teams/Volunteers



Clean Water

Every day hundreds of people travel from their homes to pump borehole water in the village.  They use it for drinking, for bathing and for cooking simply maintaining life for their homes and for their families.  But what the people don’t realize is that the boreholes are completely contaminated; the water that they rely on so much to maintain life, is in reality taking it away.  After years of partnering alongside the people of Adak, TTW’s Dream Center saw an opportunity to build into the community by digging a new well and installing a system (through Water Mission Int’l) to provide Adak with its first clean water source.

Within weeks, noticeable health improvements were seen and it is now clear that life is being restored.  Testimonies are surfacing of illnesses being healed, discomforts being relieved and pain being taken away.  As we continue the work set before us, we are convinced that this is only the beginning.  With clean water in Adak, health is improving, with health improving life is being restored and with life being restored the future of Adak is transforming.

The clean water system completed in May 2011 includes:

A 960 watt solar system with submersible pump 40 meters into ground pumping up to reserve tanks elevated 20 feet above ground level.  There is a 10,000 liter tank designated for DCU ministry programs and a 5,000 liter tank designated for the community to have unlimited access to clean water.

Medical Services

At the onset of our relationship with the people of Adak, the community was asked what its most urgent needs were and where DCU could most effectively partner alongside them.  Medical care was the unequivocal answer since so many are suffering and dying from malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, burns and various water born diseases that are entirely preventable or treatable.  The necessity of providing this basic need overtime birthed the construction and operation of a medical center.

Opened in September 2012, this medical center currently serves as an outpatient facility that will develop into a larger inpatient facility in the future to include vital services such as maternity and labor/delivery.  The simple provision of a center that will be well stocked with medicine and on-call nurses will prevent numerous deaths and bring both physical and spiritual healing to our community.



Vocational Training

Dream Center has been engaged in empowering youth through competence building since its inception, giving community members skills that can be used to earn income.  The progress and excitement for this program proves its success.  To date, we have graduated 58 tailors, 23 builders, and 12 bakers – most of whom have started their own businesses and are standing on their own two feet.

Out of the 23 builders who graduated in April 2010, Dream Center hired 10 to assist in the ongoing construction of the health center and other projects benefiting the community.  These students are not only making an income as they work but are a part of a continued advance level education as we practically walk them through the building process.

Graduates of the baking class utilize the DCU community oven to provide fresh bread and rolls to the community while putting their hands to work and bringing in a small income for their families.

Additional training classes are planned for the future as well as the eventual construction of a full vocational training facility in order to conduct advanced classes and multiple courses simultaneously.

LifeBridge Sponsorship Program

Our LifeBridge Child Sponsorship program through St. Mary Kevin Motherhood Orphanage in Kajjansi began in 2009 and continues to move forward with children advancing in their academics, being assisted with their school requirements and fed the life-giving Word of God. Twenty-eight students are currently being sponsored for the current 2012 school year.

Though our focus organizationally this past year has shifted primarily towards the work in Adak, the children at SMK continue to receive regular visitations from staff and can be assured they are provided for within the scope of their sponsorship. The LifeBridge program at SMK will phase out as each child graduates from Primary Seven. TTW’s sponsorship of students from SMK will conclude at the end of the 2015 school year. In effort to assist children transition from primary to secondary education, TTW is working in conjunction with another supporting organization to St. Mary Kevin. This organization focuses primarily on secondary sponsorship and many of the TTW supporters who have developed a relationship with their sponsor child in primary levels have continued to provide for their sponsor child into secondary levels.




Our discipleship program has launched with a formal curriculum developed specifically for the people of Adak.  Dream Center has been engaged in the sharing of Christ through word and deed since we began in 2008 desiring to witness spiritual transformation.  The people of the community have developed a deep respect for our staff through continued interaction and ongoing relationship, which has ripened hearts and minds.  The love of Christ is being embraced and the testimonies of changed lives abound.  As of 2011, over 50 people in the community have been formally discipled through our one-on-one reproducing model.  The 2012-2013 year has brought DCU to focus specifically on discipleship and Bible study with the children and youth of Adak.

Pastor’s Fellowship

Since our foundational mission is to disciple believers into the local Church, we work closely with all of the area pastors from various denominational backgrounds.  We believe in the worldwide Church and empowering local pastors and church lay leaders to become better equipped to serve their people.

DCU Staff with theological training meet monthly with more than a dozen pastors from the surrounding community for a time of fellowship, encouragement and discussion. The intention is to build solid and trusting relationships with all of the area churches so that more spiritual transformation can occur within the community.  Without a Christ-centered Church, new believers are left to flounder in their faith and our desire is to see them plug-in and become equipped to serve their Church as committed followers of Jesus.

Group Seminars

Our next phase of discipleship is to offer more in-depth group seminars discussing various doctrinal and cultural topics in light of Scripture.  This curriculum is still in the works and scheduled to begin with those who have already benefited from an initial discipleship course but are hungry for more of the Gospel.




100% of the Adak community survives off subsistence farming.  Even if someone has a vocation separate from farming, they still find time to cultivate their garden as this is their only source of food for survival and disposable income.  Due to this fact, the opportunity to provide a much needed service is wide open and 2011 has been a year of planning and strategy towards a sustainable future.

Dream Center’s strategy is to launch an agricultural initiative in 2012 that will address the major needs of the farmers in Adak, educate the locals in efficient crop production methods, and provide the capital needed for the growth and sustainability of our ministry.  The achievement consists of purchasing 100 acres of land for farming, building a 6,500 sq ft crop storage warehouse and operating a rice mill.  Adak residents will be availed services previously not there as Dream Center has the potential to become fully sustainable as a ministry.  Since the demand on crops in Uganda is inexhaustible, the possibilities are unlimited.

UPDATE 3/2013: The Rice Mill is currently in operation and will be a great blessing to the community as the dry season slowly comes to an end and a new crop season will begin.  We continue to wait on additional funding to complete the structure of the warehouse.  Check out our Current Initiatives to assist in the completion of the storage warehouse.  Here is what one farmer in Adak has to say about the benefits of a warehouse, “A warehouse will provide a place we can store our crops without worrying that they will be stolen or burned as is normal right now when we store them in our huts.”



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